The official website of Hangzhou weizan Technology Co., Ltd. was officially launched

No. 509 E105, E106. The business scope includes the assembly of instruments and their accessories; R & D, technical services and achievement transfer of instruments, electronic products, medical devices and computer software; Wholesale and sales: instruments and meters, paper products, medical devices (limited to class I), chemical reagents (except dangerous chemicals and precursor chemicals); Import and export of goods (except for projects prohibited by laws and regulations, and projects restricted by national laws and regulations can be operated only after obtaining licenses).

Since its establishment, the company has been committed to product R & D and strive to achieve perfect equipment quality, and every vizan is also striving for this goal. In today’s era of rapid development of the Internet, the promotion of the company’s products and the publicity of word-of-mouth also need to be carried out with the help of science and technology. Therefore, members of the company’s R & D team work together to build this website in order to better spread the company’s culture.

On August 23, 2021, the official website of Hangzhou vizan Technology Co., Ltd. was officially launched. Dear customers and partners can have a certain understanding of the company with the help of this platform. The contact information of the company’s internal personnel is also published on the official website. You are welcome to call for details. Hangzhou weizan Technology Co., Ltd. looks forward to in-depth cooperation with you.

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